Welcome to Zimbabwe Music Hall of Fame blog,an online appreciation of Zimbabwean recorded music.The following is a part list of the best ever recorded top 40 songs from Zimbabwe regardless of the fame status of the musician,it is the song that is being considered here.1.CHITEKETE:LEONARD DEMBO.2.NGUVA YAKAOMA:SIMON CHIMBETU.3.CHIPATAPATA:THOMAS MAPFUMO.4.AMAI NDIRI BOFU:OLIVER MTUKUDZI.5.SHAINA:ALEXIO KAWARA.soul,r and b genre.6.MUGOVE:LEORNARD ZHAKATA.7.SAMANYEMBA:TONGAI MOYO.8.ZUVA REKUFA KWANGU:JOHN CHIBADURA.9.SOLO NA MUTSAI:DEVERA NGWENA JAZZ BAND.10.USIPO:BETTY MAKAYA.soul,r and b genre.11.BANOLINA:SOLOMON SKUZA.12.RUDO IMOTO:THE FOUR BROTHERS.13.SHEDIA:ALICK MACHESO.14.ZVAITIKA:JAMES CHIMOMBE.15.MHINDIRO IRIPO:CHARLES CHARAMBA.gospel genre.16.MURAMBINDA:PAUL MPOFU AND ZAMBUKO.18.RUVA RANGU:PIED PIPERS.19.ANODYIWA HATAURE:SYSTEM TAZVIDA.20.NDITOREYI:FAMILY SINGERS.gospel genre.21.VANOGONA:FUNGISAYI ZVAKAVAPANO.gospel genre.22.PAMUHACHA:MATEO.23.JIT JIVE:THE BHUNDU BOYS.30.MIRIRA MANGWANANI:SHINGISAI SILUMA.gospel genre.34.HANDINGABVUMI:MERCY MUTSVENE.gospel genre.35.NDOFAMBA:PRINCE MAFUKIDZE.gospel genre:36.NDIWE CHETE:NGONI KAMBARAMI.soul,r and b genre.37.GIPSEY GIRL:DAVID SCOBIE.38.EVERYBODY IS FREE :ROZALLA.39.INDIAN LOVE SONG:KELLY HUSSEIN.39.TOMBOFARA:KELVIN AND MUZI.40.GREEN LIKE MI GARDEN.WINKY D..continues…Even though it may not look like it now,the arts and music industry will play a significant part in the future economy of Zimbabwe. To keep this music blog running and ultimately promoting Zimbabwean music,companies and individuals are invited to place their links on this page for a fee.As an individual you can promote this page and your personal facebook or twitter site by writing a constructive comment on a musician and then placing your name and link at the end.SHINGISAI SILUMA FAN COMMENTS.1.When Shingisai released her song Mirira Mangwanani,one could ask if the music community was not noticing such a great song by a new top notch,fine singer.As time went on it became plain to see that they had noticed.Raymond Mafukidze http://www.facebook.com/raymondmafukidze   email:kingnice708@rocketmail.com Visit the ABOUT section of this site to find out how you,your name and your facebook,twitter or business website or blog can be a part of this new recognition of the best Zimbabwe music talent that will in no wise create a new found international fan base for the musicians.This blog was founded by raymond mafukidze,zimbabwe   MILLIONAIRE TIPS:Know the age or era that you live in,view more at http://www.youtube.com/thebestofprophecy The site you are viewing is http://www.zimbabwemusichalloffame.wordpress.com